Maps Maps Chowanoke Original Territory Originally the Chowanoke occupied both sides of the Chowan River, which was called Nomopana (Barlow). They had approx. 18 towns, and able to put 700 fighting men into the field, indicating a population of several thousand. They were the head of am alliance between them, the Weapemeoc, and the Secotan. We don't know the names of all their towns, only about half a dozen. I created this map based on original maps and descriptions by John White, Lane, DeBry, Smith, and others. 92637185 Chowan Reservation After the Chowanoc War of 1675 the Chowans werew forced onto this reservation between Bennett's Creek and Catharine's Creek. Originally 12 square miles, it was cut in half by 1720 from intrusion of their neighbors. I imagine that the stolen territory was on the other side of the Roads that were constructed, intersecting the reservation. From 1720 onward, the remaining land would be parceled away, bit by bit until the final sale in 1790. This map I based on Mosely's 1733 map. 92637186 1590 De Bry Map 93286723 1657 Part of South Virginia 93286730 1673 Lords Proprietors Map 93286724 1722 North Carolina Map 93286725 1738 North Carolina 93286726 1747 Narth Carolina 93286727 1808 North Carolina 93286728 1823 North Carolina 93286729 Carolina Indian Tribes Map of Tribes of the Carolina's 132626879