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Chief Don Spirit Wolf
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The original Chalakatha & Mekoche say they walked acriss the water to this land (they called it an island), coming from the east.

turning south they went to the Shawnee River (either the Ohio, Cumberland or tennessee Rivers)

They met the Pekowi just south of them

and the Kishpoko from west of the Pekowi

shortly the Thawikil arrived, coming across the water from another direciton (maybe the south?)

turning east, they crossed the mountains (Appalachians)

and met the Shawano, who had been living there as a seperate nation.

(this places the Shawnao east of the Appalachians, above the Savannah river and south of the Ohio-Allenghany River)

According to Black Hoof circa 1825, the Shawano had been "the largest and most important" of the six original tribes of what were then known as the Shawnee, hence their name becoming that of the collective group.

But their location also put them into first contact with the Europeans

making them the first exposed to the new diseases,

the first exposed ot the new weapons

and the first victimized by violence and slave-taking.

That combination is why so many of the "Shawano" or coastal Algonquian people faded from sight.

they were killed off by disease & weapons

they were sold off into slavery

they were driven off to the west, south & north,

they merged into other groups of survivors

and they were married off into the European society

until they faded from easy or simple view.

Though I am "Shawnee-centered" for sure

I do take all of our history and all of our peole into consideration.

Our people were, as Tecumseh said, "the Lords of this land", the pre-eminent culture society as of 1500

and the victims of the single greatest holacaust ever known in history.

A massive, interconnected, thriving society that spanned from the Atlantic to the Rockies and from northeast Canada to Mexico and had exiosted since as early as 5000 BC was destroyed when the Europeans came here.

And sadly the majority of their history as been misreported, msiinterpreted and misnamed since 1600 at least.

I hope I can help everyone come to see the vision I have of that great culture/society

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