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John Fletcher Freeman
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 Indian Teeth


Over the years I have seen several articles, both innewspapers and on the Internet, dealing with Indian Teeth.  Apparently there are certain dentalcharacteristics associated with Native Americans and Asians, and othersassociated with Europeans.  I have askedseveral dentists and they have confirmed that those of  Native American descent do have certaindifferences in their teeth.  One told methere were numerous differences, but the two I have seen discussed are theabsence of a Carabelli Cusp and “Shovel Teeth.”


The Carabelli Cusp is a small protrusion on the side of yourmaxillary first molars.  This is thesixth tooth from the center of your upper jaw. You probably will need to ask your dentist to determine if you do or donot have a Carabelli cusp.  I asked anddo not have a Carabelli cusp which supports my belief that somewhere back Ihave Native American ancestry. According to the newspaper article, which was quoting a study byresearchers at Stamford University,  “Anextremely rare mutation of the “Y” chromosome may be a genetic marker unique tothe people who migrated to the Americas some 30,000 years ago.”  Stamford researchers have found the mutation“exists only in Indian populations in North and South America  and in Eskimo groups.”


Shovel teeth are a description of your upper two frontteeth.  “Shovelers” have an edge ridgeon the inside of the tooth and are slightly concave.  European teeth have no edge and are smooth and flat.  You can actually feel with your tongue orfingers if you have a ridge on the inside edge and if the tooth appearshollowed out.  I also have “ShovelTeeth.”  I even have a picture taken bymy dentist showing the inside of my two front teeth.  In the photo, the edge ridge is quite pronounced as is the indention.  Again, this is another indication that Ihave Native American ancestry.


This just another bit of circumstantial evidence, that mightbe useful in confirming old family tales about Indian ancestry.



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Went to my dentist for a root canal, while they were in I asked about the Indian teeth, but alas! My dentist said, "Nope, you're a white guy all right." By the way root canals are horrible.
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Black Dutch
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   My dentist majored in Dental Anthropology so I asked her about shovel teeth and she said a lot of Hispanic people have them due to Native American mixture. She also said I have them, but they are not as pronounced as someone with a lot of Native American or Asian blood. 

If you don't mind could you post the photos of your shovel teeth so others can see the difference. There are not many examples online.

Also, I descend from the Jeter family of Louisa Co., VA and George Teeter was a Jeter from same line, but changed the spelling when he moved.


                          Best Regards,

                              Tom K.

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Fletcher just submitted a photo of his teeth to me, its in the images section.

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