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I tried to understand the confusing freeman family.

This is what I found but exactly how to interperet is anyones guess.

The has been a geneological study of Freemans south of the James

41 male participants results are Q-M3 (Q3/Q1a3a1) Y-DNA hologroup(native american)

11 of these man in direct native male line are linkable to:

John Freeman b.1718 Chowan pricinct of Albermarle Co NC

who married Sarah Hare b. 1720 Nansemond Va (1st husband named Winborne)


Solomon b. 1738

Elizabeth b. 1739

Elisha b. 1741

John b. 1742

Aaron b. 1745

all born in Chowan Co.

most likely all 41 of the men share this ancestor

In this line is a Cherokee claim filed by John H Bennight

This line i think is mentioned in a Lowe family application to the Creek nation

some members of this line are members of the Choctaw nation.

It is possible that this is the John Freeman listed on the 1751 chowanoke land deed

This sort of implies that;

John Freeman b 1685 and wife Tabitha ? 100 acres on the west side of catherine creek

whos male descendants test as european are possibly an entirely different family ?

I guess no way to know for sure.

certainly identity theft was a common native practice for hiding.

also avoiding written records was a common native practice.

but on the other hand native marriages were (how can i put it ?)

more "open" ? so who knows.

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Brenda "Raven's Cry" Andrews
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I am from John Freeman, down to James Freeman down to William Freeman.  I am having the same problems.  Just wondering if you have ever figured these lines out? 

Going in circles.... 


"We are the Ancestors of Tomorrow"

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