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     Breaking the House of Pamunkey:    The Final Powhatan War and the Fall of an American Indian Empire

In the first ever book-length study of the Third Anglo-Powhatan War of 1644-46, more detail is brought in than ever before, connecting this war to the larger Atlantic World, particularly as the Powhatans took advantage of the English Civil War to hit Virginia while they were vulnerable. This war would have greater consequence than any of the Powhatan wars preceding it, and set the geopolitical stage for Indian and European people for generations to come. 

by Award Winning Historian and Bestselling author

Lars  C.  Adams 


from Backintyme Publishing

A Celebration of Living History!

     Just a few years ago, most traditional histories have stated that the Chowanoke Nation, and other sister Algonquian nations, were all "extinct" from North Carolina. Disease, war and greed certainly did their part to  try. Today, however, the Chowanoke Nation is a thriving community still existing within its traditional territory. There are those of us who are descendants of this nation. There are those who suspect themselves to be descedants, and there are those who simply are curious. Welcome.

     This is a celebration of culture and history! This is collaborative, and anyone who has information may email the webmaster or post to our forum. If you are a Chowan descendant, email the webmaster. We are beginning to create genealogies to see how the descendants have migrated since the dispersions, we are finding archealogical reports to see the artwork and lifeways of our people, and reviewing Colonial records for references to the history of those that went before us.

   There is more to our history than the few pages that most books can devote to us. We simply have to find it. Join us! Help us unearth the past!



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